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Our Areas of Expertise

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Engineering Leaders

Seeking a top-notch Vice President of Engineering, Chief Information Officer, Chief Technical Officer, or other key C-Suite roles? With 25+ years of expertise, we've partnered with CEOs and Senior Management, excelling in confidential searches. Our skillful approach engages passive candidates while preserving sensitivity.

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Key Team Players

In the dynamic tech landscape, a top-notch engineering team is essential. We specialize in staffing key mid to senior-level roles, particularly those challenging positions requiring 5 to 7 years of experience, a degree from a leading engineering school, proficiency in the latest tech stacks, and adaptability in a startup environment. Our network ensures quick access to qualified candidates.

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Temporary Contractors

Have a short-term project lasting 3 to 6 months without the need to expand your team permanently? Project demands vary, and that's where a seasoned engineer can step in for an immediate impact.

Our network of experienced engineers includes professional contractors available for project/temporary hire. Plus, we handle the payroll, relieving you of administrative headaches.

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