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Human Capital Solutions, Inc
Technical Recruiting Services
California SB Micro & SB-PW Certified ID: 2038349

Human Capital Solutions, Inc (HCSI), is a comprehensive recruiting firm with specialization in identifying, attracting, and onboarding mid to senior-level technical professionals for our national life science/biotech client base. Our expansive network includes individuals engaged as both full-time direct hire employees, and project-based augmented staff.

We offer a distinctive engagement search model to dedicate committed time and effort to assist our clients in fulfilling their challenging requirements. In addition to our project-based augmented staffing services, we are well-equipped to address individual or large project needs through our talent acquisition solutions. This includes a complete back office covering Workers Compensation, General Liability, Payroll, and Taxes.

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Our goal is to empower companies to establish, expand, and remain competitive in the global marketplace. Whether you're in search of a top-tier Chief Technical Officer, or aiming to assemble an entire technical team, we can be your most valuable resource.

We Connect the Right People...
With the Right Opportunities...
At the Right Time
Resulting In

Our Areas of Expertise

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Engineering Leaders

Seeking a top-notch Vice President of Engineering, Chief Information Officer, Chief Technical Officer, or other key C-Suite roles? With 25+ years of expertise, we've partnered with CEOs and Senior Management, excelling in confidential searches. Our skillful approach engages passive candidates while preserving sensitivity.


Key Team Players

In the dynamic tech landscape, a top-notch engineering team is essential. We specialize in staffing key mid to senior-level roles, particularly those challenging positions requiring 5 to 7 years of experience, a degree from a leading engineering school, proficiency in the latest tech stacks, and adaptability in a startup environment. Our network ensures quick access to qualified candidates.

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Temporary Contractors

Have a short-term project lasting 3 to 6 months without the need to expand your team permanently? Project demands vary, and that's where a seasoned engineer can step in for an immediate impact.

Our network of experienced engineers includes professional contractors available for project/temporary hire. Plus, we handle the payroll, relieving you of administrative headaches.

Why Work With HCSI

Unlock the power of experience and expertise with Human Capital Solutions, Inc, led by industry veteran Pete Mitchell. With over 25 years in the recruiting game, we specialize in delivering unparalleled results that create a Win, Win, Win scenario for individuals, companies, and long-term organizational success.

Why Choose Human Capital Solutions, Inc?

  1. Proven Track Record: Pete Mitchell and our team have a track record of success in bringing the right individuals to the right companies at precisely the right time.

  2. Guidance and Experience: Benefit from our seasoned guidance and extensive experience when making critical decisions to build, modify, or expand your teams. Our founder, Pete Mitchell, has provided invaluable advice to CEOs, C-Suite members, and Board members across all levels of staffing and recruiting matters.

  3. Difficult Searches Made Easy: When internal recruiting teams face challenges in handling the most complex searches, our clients turn to us. We excel in filling positions that demand specialized expertise, where time and resources may be limited.

  4. Confidential Searches: Trust us with your most sensitive and confidential searches. We have a proven track record of conducting discreet searches, ensuring the utmost confidentiality for our clients.


Technical Experienced Professionals Target Searches:

  • Technical C-Suite Buildouts: Elevate your leadership with our expertise in recruiting for technical C-Suite positions.

  • Senior Managers: Find the right leaders to drive your teams forward with our targeted searches for Senior Managers.

  • Mid to Senior Level Software Engineers: Build a robust engineering team with our focus on recruiting Mid to Senior level software engineers.


Ready to Elevate Your Team?

Whether you're looking to add a key player to your lineup or embark on a journey to build out your engineering team, Human Capital Solutions, Inc is your trusted partner. Reach out today, and let's collaborate on achieving your recruitment goals. Your success starts with the right team – let us help you build it.

What Our Clients Say

Jason Lally
Chief Revenue Officer

Pete is amazing, you can hear him smiling when he speaks! Pete is very professional and always returns phone calls in a timely fashion.
Pete sends me good people to interveiw... And then I hire them!

Jennifer Vargas
Vice President of Human Resources

 Thanks so much for your help with the role; really appreciate your partnership!

Joseph Su

GMKT Digital Marketing

Hi Pete:

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for your efforts in helping us find our newest team member, Chad. Your assistance and expertise were crucial in this process, and we are grateful for your work...

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